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Final Details!

We want to see you! And we want you to have a great time!

We wish we could make this so easy for you - that you could just walk in the door and everything was ready for you! We're doing our best to re-create the experience ... but there's a few things to have ready to get the full immersive experience!  *For any immediate help during the Zoom, you can chat Brittany Ward or email

Guest Info: FAQ

You want to get in? Make sure you bring your ticket!

Yes, everyone will need to register from the Zoom account they plan on using! Once registered you receive a unique link to access the meeting. If you don’t register, you won’t be able to access the event. You must use the link in your confirmation.

Email Confirmation - Unique Link

How do I get in? Where's the link?

You have a UNIQUE link - you must find it in a confirmation email from Brittany. The subject is: Sonali + Sachin's Virtual Celebration Confirmation. It says: "Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: Click Here to Join" 

I've got Zoom. But, do you have Zoom Version 5.3.2 (53291.1011)? 

Latest Zoom Download (don’t use web browser version of zoom)

  1. Go to Make sure to have the latest Zoom APP 

  2. To double check version:

    1. Desktop: Menu, Select About Zoom Version 5.3.2 (53291.1011)

    2. Mobile Apps (to check version - :Click the Settings (gear) icon, About Zoom)


Should I bring anything?

Have with you:

  1. Voting sign “Sonali” on one side; “Sachin” on the other. If you didn’t get this in the mail, no problem - just make one. This is for Game 1

  2. Camera (or a phone): Take some selfies with us at designated times

  3. Drink: We’ll have 2 “official” toasts

  4. About 90 minutes, snack? Food for kiddos!

  5. Photo booth props are for use anytime during zoom or during selfie’s


How should I dress? Tattoos, Obviously!

I'll be in a "less heavy" Indian outfit and Sachin in a suit and tie. Wear whatever makes you happy. Sport the mendhi tattoos you hopefully got in the mail - just remove the plastic and put it on your skin paper side up - and then hold a warm wet towel or napkin on top for a few seconds!


Guest Info

Time and Date

Please join the Zoom on 10/24, at 10:15am and we will start at 10:30am

Dress Code

Dress "up" & Dress "down"... help define COVID party fashion. Sari tops look great with jeans, and ties go well with shorts.

Menu - BYO Please!

Bring your favorite food and drink, and cheers with us!

Party Supplies

Be on the look out for a mailer to your home which will include pieces to use during our event.

Have your phone or camera ready for a virtual selfie with us!


We thank you for your well wishes and request you all take care and do not purchase any gifts for us. If you must, please plan on celebrating in person next year as a gift. (If you absolutely must, we've created a honeymoon registry)

Guest Info: Guest Info

The Long Version...

In October of 2019, Sachin proposed to Sonali on a weekend away in Half Moon Bay. A short while later, after the corks had landed and the electricity had returned(!), they set of goal of getting married in 2020 (or bust!)

And then of course, COVID happened. Surviving the test of managing to drive each other only a little crazy, being around each other 24-7 for 7+ months, they were presented with some really big questions as they began their wedding planning. Safety has been their top priority through their planning, and while they did want to have a wedding with all of you in person, they decided we all could do better online than have everyone six-feet apart! 

So, while we will be further apart, we are aiming to feel closer together online.

- Please register by Friday October 16th via the Zoom registration link in your email invite. After your registration is complete, the Zoom details will be sent to you. 

- Email Brittany to help you with any tech support!

- Dress "up" & Dress "down" ... we're going to define COVID party fashion. Sari tops look great with jeans and ties go well with shorts!

- Look out for a mailer to your home which will include pieces to use during our event.

Day of:

- Please join the Zoom at 10:15am and we will start at 10:30am.

- Have your phone or camera ready for a virtual selfie with us!

Guest Info: Text

Local Small Group Visit

Post-Zoom wedding celebration cheers, photos, and distanced fun

We are inviting Local friends over to the house in small groups for a post-Zoom wedding celebration cheers, photos, and distanced fun. In order to determine the schedule, we first need to know who would be available to come by for about an hour to our house Saturday, October 24th! Please RSVP ASAP! Even if it is a no or a maybe. If you RSVP yes, please include the number of people and hours your are available. Then my lovely friends will reply with a bit more info! THANK YOU!

Guest Info: Our Story
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