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And now, we do it in person!

It's been an long, improbable, impossible, and unexpected journey these two years. Let's meet in person and celebrate together, face to face!

Apologies on the short time window between the RSVP date and invitation mailing, we meant to get them out earlier! Please RSVP at your earliest convenience.  Feel free to contact Sonali or Sachin with any questions.

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The Wedding Aisle

Love in the time COVID

We Did It - Oct 2020 Zoom Celebration

On September 25th, Sonali and Sachin made it official as they took part in a virtual ceremony officiated by the Alameda Commissioner of Marriages from their home in Oakland.

It wasn't quite the wedding or celebration they expected (but this wasn't quite the year anyone expected)!

In order to better celebrate the occasion, join them on October 24th for a Virtual Celebration of Love, joined by family, friends, and you!

Welcome to the site! On these pages, you'll find information about the event, pictures of the wedding day, family and friends, and their story as a couple.

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Our Story

Where We Began

We both hit the Like button! (To be fair Sachin did it first). Sachin engaged in some online small talk, picking up on Sonali's new Ted Talks binge-watching. Sonali realized she couldn't pass up on a non-meat eating, volunteering, tall, and smiley boy. We met at Sightglass coffee in SoMa for our first date, where Sachin shook Sonali's hand hello, and Sonali hugged Sachin good-bye. About 30 dates followed over the next 2 months, and then meeting family over the next 6 months, and then buying a house a year after that. We’re thrilled to have taken our next step in building a future together. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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